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Are you an Empath?

An empath is a person who can notice, read, and utilize energy (chi) in themselves, others, and the world.

All lightworkers have empathy, but not everyone has an empathic nature.

The tendency of empaths throughout their lives

1 The tendency to "own" the feelings and thoughts of others.

 Until they understand that they don't need to suck the energy out of others, they will have to protect themselves by running away from them.

2 Feel the pain of others' bodies in your own body

 For example, you experience a client's physical pain as pain in your own body before the session. →You can learn how to clear the pain and take it away.

3 Since you have a sensitive body, you need to be more careful than ordinary people about food, exercise, and rest to maintain your health.

They need to think of their bodies as machines and replenish them with appropriate oil or turn them off.

4 You are vulnerable to worry and stress.

You can communicate with higher-dimensional beings relatively easily and normally.

 But only when your thoughts are not busy.

5 People will come to you.

You are sensitive to the suffering of people and animals and feel their pain in your body.

You can read the feelings and thoughts behind people's words and expressions.

 The empath can read the feelings and thoughts behind people's words and facial expressions, but sometimes, people don't like them because they feel they are being exposed.

Traits can be alleviated if the empath regains power over themself.

1 They dislike fights and battles.

 They avoid it as much as possible, so they may be unable to assert themselves appropriately and be thought of as people who do not know what they are thinking.

2 They tend to have a complex about their body.

 It isn't easy to feel comfortable in one's own body.

3. Difficulty in being around a lot of people.

4 I need a lot of alone time.

5 Hurt easily.

  You tend to overreact to little things. Especially vulnerable to criticism from others.

6 Susceptible to loud noises, voices, neon lights, and other stimuli.

7 Isolates or closes their mind to shut out energy from outside.

 When they see someone in pain, they feel pain themselves, so they try to escape from it, and people mistake them for cold people themselves for cold people.

8 If you want to have a romantic relationship, but the relationship is too close, you get scared that you might lose yourself and want to run away.

There are a variety of healing, flower essences, power stones, and aromatic oils that are effective for empaths, so try to find one that suits you in your daily life.

But before that, there is one most important thing.

"I am weaker than the people and situations before me.''

Don't you believe this way?

If this belief is strong, no matter how many goods and methods you use out of fear or worry, they will not work.

The actual energy itself is more significant than what you see in front of you.

Even if you don't think so, you need to recognize at least that they are "equal in strength" to what is in front of you.

The nature of an empath is often compared to a sponge.

It sucks up bad energy like a vacuum car.

However, they can also absorb good energy, such as the energy of nature, the energy of friendly people, and the energy of higher dimensions, like a sponge.

Therefore, empaths must use the sponge wisely and effectively by identifying when and where to use it.

The shortcut to happiness for empaths is to accept and love themselves as they are and live in a setting where they can exercise their power at their own pace.

Let's develop more of our talents as empathic healers and become powerful empaths.




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