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Human Design Chart

Human Design, a system born in 1987 from the mind of Ra Uru Hu, is a fascinating blend of astrology, the I Ching, Kabbalah, and the chakras. It creates a one-of-a-kind personality chart for each individual, a design that is set at birth. They navigate the world, make choices, and find and shape their purpose.

The system uses your birth date, time, and place to calculate your chart, often called a "BodyGraph." The BodyGraph is a visual representation that includes gates and channels stemming from the I Ching, centers similar to the chakras, and planetary influences akin to astrology. Here are the main components of a Human Design chart:

1. Type: This describes your aura type and affects how you best interact with others. There are five types: Manifestors, Generators, Manifesting Generators, Projectors, and Reflectors.

2. Strategy: Each type has a corresponding strategy that guides effective decision-making and interactions.

3. Authority: This defines the most reliable way to make decisions based on your inner processes.

4. Profile: Made up of two numbers (e.g., 1/3), the profile blends aspects of your personality and how you interact with the world.

5. Incarnation Cross

Human Design is more than just a system, it's a tool for self-discovery, enhancing personal and professional relationships, and aligning with your authentic self to live a more balanced life.


For example, My chart is

1. Type: Generator

2. Strategy: To Respond

3. Authority: Sacral

4. Profile: 1/3

5. Incarnation Cross: Right Angle Cross of Maya (61/62 | 32/42)

Type: Generator

In Human Design, the Generator type is characterized by its energy, primarily focused on working and responding to life.

1. Energy for Work: Generators have a defined Sacral Center, which gives them a consistent, sustainable energy source for work and activities. They thrive when engaged in tasks that align with their passions and interests.

2. Responsiveness: Generators are designed to respond to life rather than initiate action. They make decisions based on their gut feelings or Sacral response to situations and opportunities.

3. Patience: Generators can wait for the right opportunities to come their way. They often need to take their time responding rather than rushing into decisions impulsively.

4. Consistency: Once a Generator commits to something, they have the energy and determination to see it through. They are known for their reliability and steadfastness in completing tasks.

5. Frustration with Resistance: Generators can feel frustrated and restless when they encounter resistance or obstacles. They thrive in environments where they can flow and work without unnecessary hindrances.

6. Learning Through Experience: Generators often learn best through hands-on experience. They may need to try different things and learn from their successes and failures to find their true calling and fulfillment.

7. Sensitivity to Sacral Response: Generators need to tune in to their Sacral response to make decisions that align with their true desires and passions. Ignoring this inner guidance can lead to frustration and dissatisfaction.

 Profile: 1/3

In Human Design, the Profile combines two numbers that offer insights into an individual's personality and life path. Each Profile consists of a conscious aspect (first number) and an unconscious aspect (second number). The Profile 1/3 is a standard configuration that carries specific characteristics:

1. Profile 1 - Investigator/Martyr (Conscious):

- The first aspect of Profile 1 signifies an investigative nature. Individuals with this conscious aspect are naturally curious, analytical, and reflective. They have a deep desire to understand the world around them and may excel in fields that require research, problem-solving, or intellectual pursuits.

They are often drawn to knowledge and seek to uncover hidden truths or mysteries. Their investigative mindset may lead them to explore various subjects deeply, seeking clarity and wisdom.

2. Profile 3 - Martyr/Martyr (Unconscious):

- The second aspect of Profile 3 represents the unconscious aspect, which influences how an individual interacts with others and experiences life on a deeper, more instinctual level.

- From an unconscious aspect, the Martyr archetype suggests a tendency to sacrifice oneself for the greater good or the sake of others. Individuals with this aspect may find themselves in situations where they feel compelled to make sacrifices or endure hardships for the benefit of those they care about or for causes they believe in.

- This aspect can also indicate a pattern of learning through trial and error, experiencing challenges and setbacks as opportunities for growth and transformation. Individuals with this aspect may have a resilient spirit and a capacity to overcome adversity.

Overall, individuals with Profile 1/3 blend the investigative nature of Profile 1 with the resilience and sacrificial tendencies of Profile 3. They may find fulfillment in exploring complex ideas and uncovering hidden truths while navigating challenges with courage and perseverance.

Incarnation Cross: Right Angle Cross of Maya (61/62 | 32/42)

The vocation or life path for individuals with the Incarnation Cross of Maya (Right Angle Cross of Maya) can be deeply influenced by the energies of the gates involved in this cross. Let's explore how these energies might manifest in a vocation or career path:

1. Authenticity and Inner Truth (Gate 61): Individuals with Gate 61 emphasized in their chart are here to delve into their inner truth and authenticity. They may excel in vocations that uncover deeper truths, such as research, investigative journalism, counseling, coaching, or spirituality. Careers that allow them to express their unique perspective and insights authentically are fulfilling for them.

2. Attention to Detail (Gate 62): Gate 62 individuals have a knack for noticing the finer details. They may thrive in professions that require precision, organization, and meticulousness. Careers in fields such as accounting, auditing, data analysis, project management, research, or craftsmanship may appeal to them, where their attention to detail can be used.

3. Endurance and Continuity (Gate 32): Gate 32 individuals can persevere through challenges and maintain continuity in their endeavors. They may find fulfillment in careers that require long-term commitment and dedication, such as teaching, mentoring, entrepreneurship, or roles in government or nonprofit organizations where they can work towards creating lasting change.

4. Growth and Expansion (Gate 42): Gate 42 individuals are drawn to opportunities for growth and expansion. They may thrive in careers that allow them to innovate, create, and bring about positive change. Entrepreneurship, marketing, sales, leadership roles, or careers related to personal development, wellness, or technology may align well with their desire for growth and expansion.

They may find fulfillment in vocations that allow them to explore their inner truth, pay attention to detail, endure challenges with resilience, and experience personal and professional growth. They may excel in roles that require a balance of authenticity, precision, perseverance, and a vision for expansion and evolution.


If you are curious about your Human Design Chart, I can offer a free mini-analysis.

Feel free to contact me through the contact form (which is under the "about me" category on my Website).

It is a limited offer. First 3 people.

🙏Applications are now closed. Thank you!



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