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The six stages of personal ascension

Not everyone awakens in this order, but there is a process that most people go through.

Below are the six stages of personal ascension.

1 You are prompted to awaken by chaos one day in your life.

Chaos can be caused by accidents, illness, divorce, business closure, bereavement, etc., but the loss of all or part of the things that have been most important to you and your identity can cause panic and for the first time in your life you may ask yourself, "Is this really the right life for me?

(But in recent years, some people have suddenly and unexpectedly awakened without pain or suffering.)

2 The heart begins to open up, and the desire to explore a new life begins.

This is a joyful period.

With excitement, you want to learn many new things and contact various people to get information.

You will see more and more synchronicities and strange phenomena.

If you are thankful and grateful, good things happen. Thank you, angels...let's be more grateful to say thank you for attracting good is such an innocent and curious period.

3 The dark night of the ego

Some people call it the dark night of the soul, but I think it is a time when the ego, which has been dominating your world, feels threatened, not the soul.

All of your darkness will rise to the surface in order to heal and release your soul.

Let's face it one by one: accept, acknowledge, and let it go.

In this process, the old you (ego) literally dies.

Symptoms often include physical discomfort, depression, anxiety, and insomnia.

The duration of the process varies from person to person; some people finish in a few months, while others take 10 years or more.

For those who want to go through this process as quickly as possible, it is a good idea to practice any form of meditation to quiet the noisy thoughts.

If your thoughts are noisy or swirling around with worries, concerns, or anger, it means that you are not grounded.

People who are grounded do not say that they are fine because nothing bad will happen to them, but rather that they can handle anything that comes their way, and if it doesn't work out, accept it.

Of course, there are times when they waver, but they do not judge themselves harshly as if they are wrong.

Therefore, even if you waver greatly for a moment, you realize that you have just wavered and quickly returned to your home position.

It also helps to practice looking at the facts because most of what you are thinking about is not the reality of what is happening to you right now but only in your mind, such as worrying about the future or simply reacting from anger from the past.

It is not expected to have very negative thoughts and yet be physically vital and healthy. However, negative thoughts are not evil. It is just showing you where you have to transform.

Thoughts and feelings are like the weather; if you don't get caught up in them, the rain or storm will eventually stop.

Rain is not a bad thing. Blessings and ways to spend your time are only possible when it rains.

So if you can learn to live with your weather today, watching it from the sky all the time, the way out is near.

It is also an excellent practice to be meticulously aware of what you are energetically sending out to the universe all the time.

It is a simple law that whatever you send out, you will receive it.

4 The between from the old you to the new you.

You still feel like you can't quite decide where you are going next, but you've come out of the long, dark tunnel for the time being, and it's time for a sigh of relief and peace.

You might notice that you've been clinging to something or someone, misunderstanding the meaning of security, assurance, and bonding.

Here, you finally begin to know your true self and start to live honestly with your heart.

You are still at the starting point, so you might not know what the future holds, but you will be a little more excited than anxious.

Generally speaking, I think most people start around the age of 47.

5 Start to properly apply what you have learned so far to your life.

No more escaping from reality, but starting to develop a mature personality that is firmly grounded.

It is a little different from the synchronicity and attraction at stage 2, where you are more grounded, and the attraction happens like a magnet.

It's not like in stage 2, where you say "thank you" so that good things will happen, but at this point, you might be receiving lots of "thank you" from others, so naturally, you will be filled with gratefulness.

6 Go through the various stages and become an entirely New You!

You begin to take this life with purpose and follow your soul's path no matter what.

For some people, their faces and how they look change entirely.

Which stage are you in now?

If you can trust in the wisdom and strength of your soul and surrender to the universe without resisting the processes that occur while you go through these stages 1 through 6, then the light has won over the darkness within you.

During these processes, the universe only asks you to do one thing: to 'listen to your heart and not ignore it".

Even if you don't know how to hear your heart, it is enough to remember your breath and put your hand on your heart.

The ego may be anxious if you don't gather a lot of knowledge and information, but really, spirituality is simple.



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