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Healing Yoga

Come and Join Makiko's Healing Retreat 
in Ishigaki Island

Sorry...Not held at this time



Makiko Kurata has been my yoga-teacher since the first day she was teaching in the“University of Music and Performing Arts Frankfurt” where I work as a repetiteur.


I had some different yoga-teachers before but nobody was able to connect body and soulas she did. She created always the right balance between tension and relaxation in a verypleasant atmosphere,corrected everybody individually and gave very clear instructions.

I learned a lot from her,got great inspirations and also my back pain disappeared.

After her yoga-class in the morning, I felt always energized and well-balanced all day long.

I  will miss her yoga-class very much and recommend her highly as yoga-teacher.


                                                       Britta   (musician, artist)








love for yoga

love for learning new things

love for teaching

presence in the moment



body feeling


these are just few of the things that I learned from you. You helped me to fulfill one of my dreams. Thank you!!

                                 -   Emina  (dancer, yoga teacher)​

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