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Lightarian™ Program

Lightarian™ program is an energy work that began at the Lightarian Institute in the United States. 

It is an attunement-based spiritual acceleration program.

The Lightarian Program serves several purposes for individuals who choose to participate:


1.Spiritual Growth and Expansion: One of the primary purposes of the Lightarian Program is to support individuals in their spiritual growth and expansion. Through the various levels of the program, participants have the opportunity to deepen their connection with higher vibrational energies, expand their consciousness, and accelerate their spiritual evolution.


2. Personal Healing and Transformation: The Lightarian Program offers tools and techniques for personal healing and transformation. Whether it's through Lightarian Reiki for energetic healing, Lightarian Clearing for releasing limitations, or Lightarian Rays for empowerment and manifestation, participants can experience profound shifts in their energy, beliefs, and life circumstances.


3. Connection with Celestial Beings and Divine Energies: Another aspect of the Lightarian Program is the opportunity to establish connections with celestial beings and divine energies, such as Archangels and higher-dimensional beings. These connections can provide guidance, support, and inspiration on one's spiritual journey.


4. Alignment with Higher Purpose and Intentions: By working with the energies and principles offered in the Lightarian Program, participants can align more fully with their higher purpose and intentions. This alignment can help individuals live more authentically, express their unique gifts and talents, and contribute positively to the world around them.


5. Contribution to Planetary Transformation: As individuals undergo their own healing and transformation through the Lightarian Program, they also contribute to the larger process of planetary transformation. By raising their own vibration and consciousness, participants become beacons of light and positive change in the world, inspiring others to do the same.


The Lightarian Program serves as a comprehensive and transformative path for individuals seeking spiritual growth, personal healing, connection with divine energies, alignment with higher purpose, and contribution to planetary transformation. It offers tools, practices, and support to assist participants on their journey of awakening and empowerment.

If you wish to know more about each program, please click below.

I look forward to connecting with you soon and helping you on your spiritual journey.



*The information about the Lightarian program on this site is sourced from the Lightarian Institute website. The "Lightarian" is a trademark of the Lightarian Institute.

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