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Message for February 2024

Cherry blossoms are in full bloom on Ishigaki Island earlier than usual🌸.

The keywords for February are "break it down and rebuild from scratch", "professional", and "lighthouse".

It is time to let go of old ideas that are no longer useful to you.

This may be the time to let go of things that have become old in you, ideas that are no longer useful, and start fresh from scratch.

During this process, be as gentle with yourself as possible.

Because you were doing what was best for you and those around you at the time.

Even though we may have different jobs, personalities, and environments in which we are involved, there is a common theme facing all mankind.

It is "keep changing".

In order to change, we must let go.

Take a step back and look at your life journey.

I am sure you have had many challenges in the past where you had to let go of the past, let go of your beliefs, and let go of your attachments.

That's how you get lighter and lighter, and you are being guided by something greater to return to the source of your soul.

To help guide you now, think about what kind of situation you would like to be in at the end of your life, a distant point in time, and look back from there.

Let that future be a lighthouse to guide you.

The outcome is not predestined, and it will unfold according to each choice you make.

But if you know your lighthouse, you will be led there.

The key is to trust the tide and set your own sails.

If you know your goal, it doesn't matter how long it takes.

I wish you all a wonderful February!

Makiko Kurata


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