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What is an Empath?

Being an empath means that you pick up on the energy and emotions of other people and accept them as your own.

An empath absorbs the emotions of others and can feel what they are going through.

Empaths pick up on the energy of a place or situation and can be overwhelming in a crowd.

(This is not only in real places but online as well.)

An empath can see through people's lies and have the ability to know where people are coming from.

An empath can tell if a person is lying or deceitful.

Empaths may appear quiet.

Often empaths put others first and Often ignore their own needs.

Empaths are passionate about helping others and try to cooperate with animals and nature.

Empaths always hope to find a clue to happiness in any situation, and they tend to be peacemakers in situations and mediators in families and organizations.

The empath must take care of their energies, or elsewhere is a potential for emotional and energetic burnout.

People, animals, and children are naturally drawn to empaths, and They quickly feel comfortable in the presence of an empath and become tame.

Empaths pick up on aches and pains from others, and They believe it is theirs when it belongs to someone else.

Empaths need a self-care system that works for them, and It is essential to get enough quiet time. Alone time is needed more than others.

For empaths, it is essential to have a journal. To verbalize in a notebook the feelings and thoughts are a great release.

Know that your boundaries are the basis of all your relationships, love, work, wealth, and health.

*Question of the Day*.

Currently, in your life and relationships

What boundaries do you set?

Where specifically do you think boundaries need to be set?

Why do you think it is necessary to set boundaries in general?

What do you think are the benefits of being aware of your limits?

Have a nice day☺️





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