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Online Reiki 1, 2 + Master Certification Course

This course is intended for those new to Reiki or for individuals who want to take their practice to the next level.

By learning and understanding this course material, students will also have the opportunity to heal and grow.

If you enjoy helping others and love the idea of using natural methods to heal yourself and others, then this course is perfect for you!

Reiki is a wonderful practical everyday life-tool, used to benefit and increase the individual’s positive life experience. It is a gentle relaxation/health technique provided through the practitioner’s hands to assist the individual with improvement of their whole health; body, mind, heart and spirit.

Become a Certified Reiki Master and Teacher

Receive a comprehensive manual as well as additional worksheets

Receive a distance attunements for all three levels

Receive a certificate (pdf format) once you successfully complete this course

Level I

You will learn about the history of Reiki as a healing modality and tool for enlightenment. You will explore how Reiki works and begin practicing using this amazing energy with yourself.

What you will learn

What is Reiki

How Reiki works

The history of Reiki

The 5 Reiki principles

Preparing for Reiki 1

Reiki self treatment

Preparing to treat others

Treating others with Reiki

Rapid Reiki treatment

The ultradian rhythm technique

Reiki group treatment

Pregnancy, babies and children

Reiki comforts those crossing over

Reiki 1 Use your imagination

Level II

You will learn how to perform Reiki from a distance as well as how to use aspects of the Reiki energy to clear unwanted habits and manifest your goals.

An introduction to the second degree

Gassho the first pillar of Reiki

Reiji-Ho the second pillar of Reiki

Chiryo the third pillar of Reiki


New possibilities with Reiki 2

The sacred Reiki symbols

The first sacred symbol

The second sacred symbol

The third sacred symbol

Distant or absent Reiki healing

A traditional distant Reiki healing technique

Examples of sending distant Reiki healing

Working with Reiki 2

Reiki hand positions for treating a client

Extra Reiki hand positions

Combining Reiki with other healing disciplines

Animal Reiki techniques

Level III

You will learn how to teach and perform attunements on others wanting to utilize Reiki for themselves.

An Introduction to 3rd Degree Usui Reiki

Reiki and Symbolism

The Traditional Usui Reiki Master Symbol

Non-Traditional Usui Reiki Master Symbol

The Reiki Attunement Ceremony

Crown to Crown Reiki Attunements

Preparing for the Reiki Attunement Ceremony

Reiki 1 Attunements

Reiki 2 Attunements

Reiki 3 Attunements

Fast Track | Combined Reiki 1, 2 and 3 Attunements

Absent or Distant Reiki Attunements

More Advanced Reiki Techniques - Psychic Surgery etc...

The texts are sent as PDF format.

Please read the text first and learn by yourself, then I will send the attunement remotely at the time you requested, or send the attunement as ''call in method''.

*What is call in method?

This means that when my energy status is at its best, I set the energy to the client in advance so that the client can receive it whenever he / she wants.

I will send you a declaration in the email to receive energy.

price: 20,000 yen/ each level


⭐️Spiritual Counseling & Healing☆Ishigaki Island Okinawa Japan

Makiko Kurata yoga & healing


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